In addition, there are a few adult websites that also advertise their services, which are adult and explicit in nature

In addition, there are a few adult websites that also advertise their services, which are adult and explicit in nature

  • Like or dislike

If you’re looking to match directly with another user, XDating offers a similar feature to the dating application Tinder where members can scroll through profiles and ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ them depending upon their individual preferences.

If you both ‘like’ each other’s profile, you’ll appear in each other’s ‘matches’ section of the profile pages and you’ll be able to send the other person a message to begin the conversation.

  • Live cam

If you decide that you’re interested in the ‘adult’ section of the website and want to experience something more intimate in the virtual world, the XDating website does link to ‘live cams’ websites where you can chat with male or female models in a more personal setting, although it may cost you some money.

These websites are not owned by XDating but are rather affiliated with the website and have advertising displayed on its’ pages.

Costs of Membership

If you’re a free member of the website and want to stay that way, you won’t have to worry about payment. However, if you want to get more out of your membership and want to upgrade to a premium subscription, then it may be worth it to look into the paid subscription options.

There are three total premium subscription options of varying costs and lengths of time. Because of this, you’ll have the flexibility to choose which of these options works best for you as a premium member.

  • One month membership

The first option for a paid membership is the shortest in total length at one-month total for a subscription but is also the most expensive.

If you are just looking to try out the website as a premium member and want to access all of the available features, then this particular option may be for you. For a one-month premium membership with XDating, it will cost $30 for the one month and you will only be billed one-time at the beginning of the subscription.

  • Three month membership

The second option is less expensive than the first option but also comes with a longer period of subscription. The second option is a three-month commitment with each month costing $20 per month for a total of $60 for the membership.

You will be charged for all three months of the subscription during the beginning of the billing period. Overall, you’ll be saving up to 33% in the overall cost per month but will have to commit to a longer subscription period.

  • Six month membership

The third and last option is the least expensive per month but is also the longest commitment compared to other options. For a six-month premium membership, you’ll pay only $15 per month for a total of $90 for the entire subscription period, which is 50% savings on a monthly basis.

If you wish to cancel your ‘automatic renewal’ of your membership commitment, you must do so manually on your ‘account settings’ page in order to get out of your membership commitment.

Positives and Negatives

XDating is not a perfect online dating website and only caters to a very specific demographic of single men and women. However, there are still a number of positives that should be factored into your decision before you say yes or no.


  • Dating center

The ‘Dating Center’ feature is quite unique and really helps each member search through a great number of profiles to find the ones that they are compatible and are good matches with.

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