8-in-1 USB/AC/Car Power Adapter/Charger…

The thing is that the kit comes with a cord (extension) with very thin conductors and a meter long, and although the voltage and currents correspond at the output, when this animal is connected, everything gets worse. For example, the SonyEricsson k810 phone, which needs 850mA for charging, cursed and said that it was necessary to stop torturing him. Both gadgets give 5 volts 1 amp, but alas, you won’t get them when. This is a universal car charger. But don’t everyone have an extension kit? But https://jiji.ng/cars/mercedes_benz-c180-2006 everything was solved using a similar adapter that came with my solar charger, and everything turned out just fine.

8-in-1 USB/AC/Car Power Adapter/Charger for Cellphones (Black/EU Plug)

I must say that in truth these are two gadgets with one set of adapters. But for charging devices with less serious requirements, it is ideal.

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