2500mW laser engraver. Practical application.

Continuous operation time: up to 2 hours Among other things, I will show whether this device, with its relatively low power, is capable of cutting figures out of plywood. This particular model attracted the attention of a fairly decent, for home devices of this kind, area of ​​​​the treated surface – here it is declared as 30×40 cm, moreover, the laser itself here has a more or less optimal power / price ratio. Practical application.

It was to speed up and facilitate this process that this laser engraver was ordered. Supports materials: wood, bamboo, plastic, paper, leather, rubber The background of the purchase lies in the fact that the wife of a friend, being on parental leave, in order not to sit idle, decided to try her hand at needlework. Next, a little about the device itself, the software for it and, of course, about the application. It all started with flower bows, but gradually it all began to go on a larger format, she learned how to make beautiful dresses from tulle, after that she learned how to design children’s T-shirts for birthdays and make various accessories on this topic. Power: 2500mW Weight: 4.8 kg Dimensions: 60x45x21cm

The kit comes with all the necessary parts and fasteners

Brief characteristics I would like to fill this gap and tell you about the practical use of a laser engraving machine with a power of 2500mW with a declared surface area of ​​​​30×40 cm (A3 format), which, frankly, not only met, but also exceeded expectations.
I’ll note right away that the device was bought by my friend, but I was directly involved in the "commissioning" and testing of the engraver. Surface area: 30x40cm Does not support: metal, stone, ceramics, reflective materials, transparent materials The device, together with the packaging, is quite heavy and bulky, so delivery in this case is not free There are already quite a lot of reviews of laser engraving machines, but there are very few stories about how useful this wonderful device can be in practice.

2500mW laser engraver. Motor type: Step Voltage: 12v This process, I must say, is quite laborious, takes a lot of time, and besides, it is quite difficult to cut beautiful letters in a certain font. Halftone (grayscale) engraving support So, for the design of T-shirts, non-woven material is used – felt, from which you can cut out various figures and letters, and then stick them on the necessary base. The device is delivered unassembled. True, upon receipt of the device, the owner will have to sort it out a little and remember the skills of assembling constructors (if any, of course).

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